Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Of all the things I love in life, including people, places, music, food, etc... This man stands as the greatest LOVE of MY LIFE! As portrayed by these photographs, we are thrilled to announce our recent engagement and our very near ceremony! We will be sealed in the Salt Lake Temple August 19th and from then will commence "The Larsens Love Life" blog!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Zion with the Larsens

Although Scotty was in Mexico during Memorial day weekend, I was able to spend a wonderful weekend with the Larsens. Boy do I love Scotts family, they are so much fun! Scotty met up with us half way through the trip and that of course was wonderful too!

... and the extra bonus picture of the random chuby baby at the water park!

Friday, 9 July 2010

At the Temple with my Brother

I realized after Jabes and I got out of the session in the Temple that it was the first time he and I had gone through an Endowment session together. I received my Endowments a year after he had left on his mission. It was so very sweet to be in there together. I absolutely love him and I love my life because of how close I have him. Most of all I rejoice in knowing he will be my little brother and I his sister FOREVER!

Scotty's Graduation

What a wonderful acomplishment! So now its off to the "real world." Well I guess that's pretty relative considering one is very exposed to REAL people in the real world during medical school. But I suppose what i mean to say is that it's now time to (continue to) put into practice what was learned. Thankfully Scotty was able to get into a residency program here in Utah. He and two of his good buddies from the same graduating class will be in residency at McKay Dee for the next 3 years; how fun! Felizidades Amor!

Oldy but goody

These are the pictures of Anali's baptism. I am so proud of her. She is so sweet, she had a beautiful baptismal service.


Scotty and I were able to meet up with the Hudsons and Caspersons for Blakes graduation. It was short but sweet!

Williams babies!

Jacque and Jon are such sweet parents. I can't say that enough. I absolutely loooved seeing them intereact with their little girls!

How can I NOT love life when I have such beautiful family like the Williams?!! I know that I have a biosed opinion because these little girls are my cousins children, but honestly John and Jacque have beautiful babies! I love these two little girls so much! They have such distinct personalities! Tenley is such a cute little "Big Girl" and Scarlet is the most mellow little bundle of love! I am so grateful I had the chance to go see them!